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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Song name : Kantoi
Artist: Zee_avi

Song name: My way (Orchestra)
Artist: Ahmad Dhani
ahmad dhani - my way (orchestra).mp3

Song name: Selamat Tinggal
Artist: Broery Marantika
broery marantika - selamat tinggal.mp3

Song name: Black Magic Women
artist: Santana
santana - black magic women.mp3

Song name : I am sailin
Artist: Rod Steward
rod steward-i am sailing.mp3

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


We found this interesting design idea while surfing around Pixels™ is basically an add-on to furniture items as we know them. The dots embedded in the materials completely change the visual effect of any product and also the focal point of the room, being given that the color is also strong- like in the picture below for example. Available in a wide range of textures and colors, these designs are very easy to adapt in any interior. You can use them as wall decors, as tiles for your kitchen or as headboards, it is all up to you and your imagination. Either way, we hope we have given you a practical tip and we would like to wish you a fun time decorating your crib.
pixels 3
pixels 2

Modern Bedding Collection from DwellStudio

Here is a lovely bedroom design idea brought to you by DwellStudio, a company currently manufacturing their products in Portugal, Europe and whose aim is “to marry the contemporary with the traditional and luxurious quality with innovative design”.  Even though the company only manufactures the bedding set, we considered that the first picture is a nice display of a modern bedroom idea. This particular bedding set is called “Collage Charcoal Shams” and it features abstract imprints. Geometrical shapes are present in a random form creating a very wicked overall effect. The cost of the set is $90 and it can be ordered online here.
colage charcoal.2jpg

night bed table Interesting & Multifunctional Bedside Cabinet and Table by Maria Cichy

ICELAND: Reykjavik4You Apartments

These brand new luxury apartments are located on a quiet street in the heart of Reykjavik, close to the main shopping street, Laugavegur.

Reykjavik4You Apartments have been decorated using contemporary design and modern furnishings. Each apartment also has a state of the art security system.

At Reykjavik4You, easy access to all the city's services is guaranteed. Guests can take advantage of free parking spaces or benefit from the very convenient car rental service.

ICELAND KATRIN OLINA : Fornarina, store, 2006

Art work for Fornarina wall 2005

View of store

View of store

View of store

Parki, Iceland, 2007
Environmental graphics for Parki store and offices, Iceland 2007

Private jet interior designers

Along with rapid growth in the private-jet segment of air travel, aircraft interior design is a booming business.

While some private jet owners hire interior designers, the majority use the services of aircraft completion companies, which take bare-bones plans and customize them to the new owner’s needs. We asked Meghan Welch, an interior designer at Moline, Ill.–based Elliott Aviation, about how she works with clients.
Private jet interior designers - Executive Travel Magazine
Q. What are the interior design issues particular to aircraft?

Most aircraft owners are concerned with durability and resale, so the majority of aircraft interiors are designed with neutral tones and finishes to meet these requirements. However, with each interior, we learn the functionality and mission of the [customer’s] aviation needs and customize the interior refurbishment to maximize the outcome.

Q. Have you had any unusual design requests?

We completed an interior design for the government of Venezuela. They requested that the map of their country be etched in gold finish in the tabletop inserts. Additionally, we completed embroideries of the country’s seal in the leather of each cabin seatback and coordinated the remainder of the interior with that [element].

Q. Are there FAA or other government entity standards or requirements in private aircraft interiors?

Only specific materials can be used for aircraft interiors. For example, all materials are required to have an 8110-3, which means they need to pass FAA burn requirements. We also do a treatment and testing of certain materials to ensure all standards are met.

Q. Is there a trend for more private aircraft buyers to bring in their own interior designers?

No. Since we have the tools, capabilities and experience to do so, we typically work with the customer on their interior design. Here at Elliott Aviation, the design services are provided with the interior refurbishment. We offer a computer software program called EnVision that allows us to turn their ideas into reality. This 2-D and 3-D modeling software allows the customer to preview colors, textures, patterns and materials from our database, [which contains] hundreds of samples. The final stage of this software is a photorealistic 3-D rendering [that shows] the customer a true color visualization of how the new interior environment will look and feel. This rendering, along with the color board of materials, is a complete package for their interior design.


The sky’s the limit with aircraft outfitted for ultra-wealthy individuals.

PRINCE ALWALEED BIN TALAL of Saudi Arabia was the first individual to place a firm order for an Airbus double-decker A380 (price tag: approximately $300 million), the largest commercial airplane in the world. The interior design is expected to cost at least $200 million and will take up to two years to complete, say industry experts.

DONALD TRUMP’s luxe 727-23 includes seats with 24-carat-gold seatbelt buckles, Waterford crystal lamps and oil paintings.

MARK CUBAN, owner of the Dallas Mavericks NBA basketball team, reportedly had custom seats installed on his 767-277 aircraft that are large enough to accommodate the team’s very tall players.


Russian & Soviet Army Souvenirs Russian & Soviet Army Souvenirs
In this department we offer a great variety of the Russian and Soviet Army gifts for all occasions. The historical replicas, Russian insignias or Russian army uniforms will satisfy any military gear collector and will be a perfect souvenir for lovers of the Russian Army history! Our camouflage collection and such accessories like bags, flasks and map-cases are perfect to enjoy outdoor activities!


Decorative Glass from Russia Decorative Glass from Russia From the ancient times glass have been used for interior decoration. We present marvelous glass eggs, elegant decanters, goblets and glasses created by Russian craftsmen. You can appreciate the natural beauty of Russian glass and skilful engraver work. The right glass can enhance the drink you are serving.


Russian Linens
LINEN is one of the earliest products known to civilization which has persisted through ages. It is "breathing" fabric (specially if it is not ironed) and durable. Its durability reach up to half the century. Now linen is desperately popular . We offer you men and women shirts made of pure linen in the Russian folk style, fashionable tableclothes and napkins, funny kitchen accessories. Here you can enjoy the traditional Russian linen embroidery patterns, hemstich and hand-made lace.
Russian Linens


Haj Airport.
Concept Competition | 2006
Tehran, Imam Khomeini Airport.